Elaena Tiny House 4 étoiles, en bois, de 22 m2/ garantie 50 ans

Voici un produit modulaire en bois, de tres haute qualité, construit par un architecte. Cette maison en bois, superposable sur 3 niveaux, terrasses,ou végétalisation possible, est dédié à l'hôtellerie, les village de vacances, les étudiants ou  les particuliers. Garantie 10 ans! livrée prête a être habitée. Vous accueillerez vos ainées, vos amis et ceci en toute intimité.
La description
Les caractéristiques

La description

The dimensions of the structure are planned in such a way that the houses can be transported within the EU in a fully finished state. The customer only unloads the house from the car with a crane, installs it on the foundation (single-module houses do not require installation on a "brick" foundation), connects utilities and brings the furniture they like.

Such houses will be the ideal solution for a small family. They are also suitable for older people who dream of their own home outside the city.

It is always possible with us:

- Finishing at the request of the customer;
- You can divide the room and assign a different function, change the layout of the rooms;
- With us you do not need to wait for a house for 1 year, but you can get a finished house within 3-4 weeks;
- Our houses do not require a foundation.

External facade: Scandinavian spruce, painted / other material is possible (at the customer's choice).

Internal façade: natural façade slab, painted / MDF wall panels / gypsum board (customer's choice).

Windows: plastic, laminate, triple glazing;

Heating system: electric (sockets under the windows);

Insulation: mineral basalt wool (150 mm - walls, 200 mm - ceiling and floor);

Floor covering: laminate (it is possible to choose another material - at the customer's choice)

Doors: entrance and interior;

Kitchen: sink entrance, stove entrance.

House equipment: lamps, switches, sockets, 80 l boiler, shower with tiles, ventilation in the bathroom, toilet, entrance to the washing machine.

It is worth remembering that a permit is not required for houses up to 35 m2.

Les caractéristiques

Matériel: structure bois

Dimensions: 27 m2

lwh: 3x8000x25000

Weight: 9000g